SOAP -- Society for Ottawa Anime Promotion
"An organization to enhance the communication and promotion of anime (Japanese animation)
and anime-clubs in the Ottawa-Carleton region." -- SOAP Mission Statment, May 1999
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Old News

2008/10/26 Chibi-Cubed Aftermath - It wasn't an AC-Cubed, but from our perspective, this was a great alternative. Overall attendance is currently estimated at 200. Thank you everybody who came out, and we especially thank to all the staff who worked hard to put this together.

This marks the end of our planned events for 2008. It has been an interesting year for SOAP and I am happy to see everybody stuck with us in spite of not having an Anime North trip or AC-Cubed.

Stay tuned an we should have news about our plans for 2009 after Christmas.

2008/09/19 Chibi-Cubed Update - Chibi-Cubed has been confirmed and we are looking at a date and location change. Chibi-Cubed will be on the 4th floor St. Patrick's on Carleton campus on October 25th.

Now that everything is confirmed, tickets will be available very soon. More information can be found on the event site:

2008/07/30 November Mini-Con - SOAP will be holding a one day mini-con. More information will be released on August 9th at the party. A limited number of tickets will be available and will go on sale at the party.

2008/07/24 Big Announcement - SOAP is planning a big event announcement at the start of the August Party.

2008/06/03 New Layout - The page was beginning to look a bit outdated so here's a revamp.

Let us know if you find any broken links and what you think of it.

2008/03/09 It's been a while... - Wow... it's been a bit since this page was updated.

AC-Cubed 2006 and 2007 have come and gone. We're taking 2008 off from AC-Cubed to regroup and reorganize so 2009 will be bigger and better. But there's plans for a whole bunch of smaller events this year so stayed tuned.

2006/09/27 Updates, Updates, Updates — You'd think that with the lack of updates on this site, we had shut down, and were not doing anything, right? Wrong!

On the contrary, we have been hard at work putting together AC-Cubed 2006. This year will is shaping up to be a great convention! We have an excellent linup of guests, and a bunch of events in the works for attendees. The response has been amazing! Information is being updated much more regularly on the AC-Cubed site, I promise. Go check it out.

Also on the note of updates, I have done a bit of tweaking on here - I've moved around the old news stuff, to clean it up a bit, and have cleaned up the links page a bit, adding a few links that I've been meaning to get to. Toys on Fire and Wizard's Tower have been added as a sponsors, and a new club Anime Onslaught has been added as well.

No promises, but I'll try to keep things a little more updated here, See ya!

2005/09/09 Catastrophic Failure! — During the show this past Saturday, the inevitable happened. We knew it was going to happen some day. Our projector bulb blew. This wasn't like a lightbulb going out, either. This thing exploded! It made an interesting smell afterwards, too.

The projector had a good life. It helped us rebuild Anime in Ottawa after the dreaded summer of no Anime. It was responsible for us bringing back All Night Anime and helping get two University clubs off the ground. It served us well and now, its time has come.

There is hope, though. I have heen able to make arrangements to borrow a projector in the meanwhile. We will be sending our sick little trooper out to be repaired - which hopefully, will give it another lifetime of dedication. If all goes well, we should have it back well before AC-Cubed. At least we can say our summer showings ended with a bang!

2005/05/27 Report from Anime North — I am sitting in the lobby of DoubleTree Hotel in Toronto, waiting for our bus to arrive from Ottawa. We had an amazing response to what is our largest Anime North group yet.

You can feel the growing excitement as the start time for the con grows near. Last night's pre-registration party proved to be everything you would expect from an Anime North event. The line was long, the party was great, and the people were all in a great mood. Everyone is going to have an excellent time this year.

I only wish I didn't have family obligations and I could join everyone in Canada's largest Anime convention.

2005/05/20 Summer Shows - Start! — Tomorrow marks the kick-off to SOAP's Second Super Summer Showing! We will be alternating weekends with uOttawa Anime Club in bringing you Anime throughout the summer.

Our membership prices: Summer: $10, Show: $2.50

For location and schedule, see the SOAP Events Page.

We will make previous showings available on DVD-R on demand. If you missed one of our showings, let us know.

2005/03/19 Losing One of our Own — This past week, SOAP lost a dedicated member and a dear friend. On Monday March 14th, Craig Hall passed away suddenly in his home. We will all deeply miss him. His humour and wit will always be remembered.

SOAP is collecting donations for the Canadian Diabetes Association to be made in his name. Please contact us at for more information.

2005/03/13 Marking our Sixth... — With this week-end's social, we mark our sixth anniversary. I am very happy with where this past year has taken us. We now have our first official convention under our belt and it was a big success. Our annual trip to Anime North is still gaining momentum.

We already have plans for showings this summer (to be posted on the events page) and this AC Cubed will be even larger. Yes, SOAP is in a happy place this year.

2004/11/12 Another New Event - Done! — If you have been following our discussion boards and AC Cubed site, you would know that we just pulled off our largest event ever. We held an Anime convention which ended up almost four times the size of last year's All Night Anime. Because of the success of AC Cubed, we will be making this an annual event. Now, we need to find a new location to accommodate our growth.

2004/04/03 New News Site — The news page is desperately out of date. There have been a number of news-worthy events since the last one, so it is time for an upgrade. Like the events page, the news page has been automated (somewhat). Of course, it still relies on a person inputting news onto the page, but it is now not a labourous. Hopefully, the cleaned up look will make for easier reading, too.

2003/06/21 — What better way to celebrate the summer solstice than to spend it outside in the park? Today marked our third Anime in the Park, and as always, turned out to be a great success. People seemed to enjoy themselved throughout the day through socializing, playing games, and of course, eating hot dogs. Due to some technical difficulties, the show got off to a late start, but people seemed content none the less. Thank you to everybody who pitched in to make this another memorable event.

[Update] During the day, a camera went missing from one of the attendees. If anybody has any information, please contact

2003/05/03 — I couldn't believe my ears when I heard the news at our meeting today! Due to difficulties and a price increase in booking their room, AAS has decided to close their doors. It is a sad day when one of the last remaining original Ottawa Anime clubs decides to fold their hand. This will mean a significant change in how Anime is handled in Ottawa.

So that we don't experience another Anime drought like we did two summers ago, SOAP will be doubling their efforts to bring you quality, frequent Anime. Starting June 7th, We will start holding bi-weekly showings which will last throughout the summer. Once the University clubs start up again in September, we will go back to our once a month specialty showings.

Farewell Anime Appreciation Society. We will miss you.

2003/01/25 — We managed a huge win! SOAP now has two new sponsors! The first is Anime Montreal who is not only sponsoring our Online Scavenger Hunt, but has already donated two DVDs for our regular, monthly events! The first DVD, Escaflowne (French) was given away at our French Showing in January. The second DVD, Cutey Honey, Second Collection, will be given away at our February event: Shoujo Anime.
The second major sponsor we have picked up is Bandai Entertainment. They have a new program that provides anime clubs with various promotional materials such as DVDs for screening, flyers and other items we can use as prizes. The only trade-off is that we have to fill out a survey regarding the DVDs we screen. It's a small price.

2002/12/31 — Another year over, a new one to begin. 2002 has been an excellent year for SOAP. A lot of excitings things happened. We're back at Carleton, we have a new web site design, , we have new partnerships (Anime@Carleton, Comic Book Shoppe), and most important, we reached many new members. Going over our plans for 2003, things are just going to get better. We're going to try to grow All Night Anime to four rooms, or Anime North trip looks like it's going to be a lot bigger, and there's going to be a lot of new people coming to Ottawa in September (Double cohort). Here's wishing you a happy, and a very lucritive new year!

2002/11/18 — Another All Night Anime has come and gone. We didn't break any attendance records, but we sure had fun! It's great being back at Carleton. Many thanks to everyone who helped make this happen. More on this on the All Night Anime page. We have ambitious plans for this event. watch the ANA site and the message boards for more information.

2003/01/29 — The Online Scavenger Hunt is now complete. The contest will be officially starting Saturday, February 1st, 2003 and run until Friday February 28th, 2003. Full contest rules will be posted on the contest page.

2002/09/29 — We survived! OR-G marked the start of a new season of Anime in Ottawa. We're ready with a full year's schedule of events which means still no rest for either the organizers or the fans.

2002/09/28 — We had a nice surprise today. SOAP had been contacted by CKDJ, Algonquin University's radio station. They did an interview for their current affairs show which airs Mondays at 1:00pm. This particular interview will focus on the growing popularity of Anime in Ottawa and North America. The air date will be on November 11th at 1:00pm. You can listen to it on the dial at 96.9FM or through streamed Real Media off their web site.

2002/06/02 — I had a bit of a scare, but the new page is up. There's bound to be various spelling mistakes, forgotten links (on the Links page), and missed information. If you see any of these, please let me know right away at

2002/04/02 — SOAP's mascot has been colourized! T-shirts will be in the works soon. We are looking into additional poses, and drawings of her for t-shirts, promotional items, etc. Awa-Chan's new picture is here.

2001/12/29 — SOAP's first Art Social was a success. Although we could have used a few more people, those who were there really enjoyed themselves. We got to see the work of some very talented artists, Scott Delahunt got to premier his clayomon game (think Pokemon meets battle arena meets Play Doh), and everybody pitched in to make a spectacular mural. There was also lots of food thanks to the efforts of Jennifer Varga. In the end, those who attended were asking for more. Who are we to disagree.

2001/10/26 — Our new monthly newsletter is up, and we have a few events to announce... For example, our first bi-monthly showing is at the Nepean Sportsplex on Friday, November 16, and our second monthly SOAP brunch is at the Wall Street Bar and Grill on November 11.

2001/05/28 — Our fifth annual Anime North Trip has been a huge success. We were able to charter a bus to travel to Toronto. In the end, our totals were 20 people traveling by bus with us and 36 people participating in the deal altogether. We look forward to planning another record breaking year in 2002!

2000/11/11 — We had our All Night Anime wrap-up meeting. Bottom line is we made over $400 for our annual budget. The next big event being planned is an Anime Coffee House night being planned for early February. Keep watching as things develop, or come out to our next meeting.

2000/11/05 — We just finished our third All Night Anime Expo. As with our previous all night shows, this was a huge success thanks to both Comic Book Shoppes, Global Homeware and all our spectacular volunteers. Watch the site for pictures coming soon.

2000/04/14 — Congratulations to all of those invloved with ANA 2000 - Spring Expo. It was a great success with an attendance of nearly 100 people. Due to the success of the show, SOAP will be donating a copy of the Pokemon movie to CHEO in addition to the $100 we raised in the charity raffle (I am sure the kids will like this). We are looking forward to the next all-night anime tentatively scheduled for late September, and hope to see you all there!

1999/10/23 — The All Night Anime was a huge success! It marked our launch into Ottawa Event organization and the launch of Anime Radio.

1999/08/ is now officially up and running. This site will act as a central hub to all the Ottawa region clubs and related events. It will be maintained by SOAP, but will keep a separate visual identity.